Teaching with don Miguel Ruiz

Mentoring and private appointments
$175, or 3 sessions for $400:
With judgement free guidance, honest reflection, unconditional acceptance you can find your way back to the truth of your magnificence. In person or over the telephone.
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Remedial Angel Training
Gratitude Weekend
Mini Teotihuacan
Exploring the Heart of the Deep Feminine
Living From the Heart

Journey to Teotihuacan, Mexico
$1195 plus airfare to Mexico City
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Personal Retreats
Three nights
or more $115 daily rate.
Two nights $135 per nite.
One night $150.
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Guided Reflections
Five days- $1495
Weekend- $795

Join Gini for a dynamic inner journey to the heart of the authentic self.

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An in-depth one-on-one intensive to identify and remove the obstacles and patterning blocking awakening. Must have great desire and willingness.