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Mentoring and private appointments

You are invited to come explore the possibilities of living in grace--fearlessly with an open heart. Through the discovery of your hidden beliefs, actions and agreements you can identify and remove the obstales to living a life of peace, ease and outrageous joy. With judgement free guidance, honest reflection, unconditional acceptance you can find your way back to the truth of your magnificence. In person or over the telephone.

$295.00 per hour:

For availability and reservations, contact the Center - email gini@ginigentry.com

• Remedial Angel Training
• Gratitude Weekend
• Mini Teotihuacan
• Exploring the Heart of the Deep Feminine
• Living From the Heart
Please email for schedule gini@ginigentry.com

Dreaming Heaven - The Movie (Sneak Preview)

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Personal Retreat

Stay in one of our fabulous houses located in beautiful sacred surroundings at The Garden of the Goddess Retreat Center. This lovely southwestern style fully furnished 700 sq feet casita has a second story private bedroom with a wood deck and stunning views of the night sky, living room with queen sized futon and small kitchen. Situated on 32 amazing acres of land 20 minutes south of Santa Fe. Wireless internet is available. Easygoing dogs are welcome.

$110 daily rate and $40 onetime cleaning fee.

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For availability and reservations, contact the Center - email gini@ginigentry.com

Exploring the Real You

Guided reflection:
Join Gini for a dynamic inner journey to the heart of the authentic self. Your stay at the Center includes; 2 hour guidance each day, instruction in Toltec healing techniques, accommodations in a fabulous southwest style casita, two delicious meals a day, and an opportunity to explore the magic of this ancient power spot and interact with on-site residents.

Five days - $2995; weekend - $1595

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Please email to check availability and schedule gini@ginigentry.com

An in-depth one-on-one intensive to identify and remove the obstacles and patterning blocking awakening. Must have great desire and willingness.
Three days $5995
Please email to check availability and schedule gini@ginigentry.com

Selecting a Guide for your Spiritual Journey


I envision that you have happened upon this website propelled by an inner longing to deeply embrace a more enduring heartfelt truth than that which the prevailing belief system has provided. From this vantage point, I would ask you to join me for a moment in deepest reflection. To come this far may have required great courage-but having arrived in this moment, how is it that you will go forward and identify a mentor who has impeccably assumed the sacred mandate of the spiritual guide and what are the characteristics therein. With those thoughts in mind, permit me please, to offer my point of view.

As teachers we are either characterizing ourselves by revealing an agreed upon set of facts or we focus on unveiling the great mystery that pushes us to remember our divinity in every moment. It is my experience that we are called to teach so that we may transcend our facts through our entrance into the world of silent knowledge. In other words, we let go and let God flow through us with the highest teaching known to our soul. The wonder of divine creation that silent knowledge reveals is accessed most easily through the action of service. When we reach out to other souls, a doorway to the infinite magically opens within us offering profound truths, somehow familiar, to assist us in guiding others past the many obstacles to their awakening. This great gift of silent knowledge then is symbiotic by its nature: one delivers it-both receive it. Since silent knowledge often contains new information from our intellect’s point of view, we can also say we come forward, through the act of service to others, to teach ourselves.

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The Gift of Clairsentience

"I am moved to say I am ever so grateful to you. After months of turmoil I feel aligned and positive and in many respects have you to thank for this. Your feedback propelled me to look into my shadow. I am so grateful! You, beloved one, are such a wonderful light. I admire you tremendously; words are inadequate to express this."

Stephen Collector, Photographer, Colorado

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