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Two sumptuous books in one, Gini Gentry’s groundbreaking Dreaming Down Heaven begins with the fictional quest of Gigi Lenox, a once “together” New Yorker whose world has just come spectacularly undone. But instead of using retail therapy to ease the pain, Gigi embarks on a spiritual journey through a mystical world of magical encounters, tests and miracles.

Inspired by a mysterious guidebook “authored” by Maya, universal Goddess of Illusion, and based on the fundamental wisdom gleaned in Gentry’s own real-life awakening, Gigi discovers self-mastery and a joyful awareness of life. The reader will, too. Gigi’s story will resonate with the vast audience of contemporary women and men who are searching for authenticity amid the distracting demands of modern life. Through the voice of her sometimes bewildered, but often funny and always determined protagonist, Gentry makes the esoteric utterly accessible.


Occasionally outrageous, always inspirational speaker and master teacher Gini Gentry worked side-by-side for fourteen years with world-renowned Toltec master don Miguel Ruiz, author of the New York Times best- seller, The Four Agreements. Her thoroughly up-to- date, fresh and fabulous female take on the truth- seeker’s journey places Gentry in the forefront of the personal growth movement and makes Dreaming Down Heaven a must-read ...read more. Or more Gini Interviews? Click here

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~ ~ ~ Dreaming Down Heaven Testimonials ~ ~ ~

“Gentry invites us to wake up to who we really are—and in the process advance not only our personal evolution but also that of humanity itself. Prepare for an unforgettable encounter with your authentic self as you embark on a journey into the heart of these timeless practical teachings.”

~ Don Miguel Ruiz, M.D., best selling author of The Four Agreements

“Through the voice of Maya, known the world over as the Goddess of Illusion--Gentry puts the “light” back into enlightenment while providing exactly the understanding we need to access deep change and growth. Maya’s teachings, based on universal truths and ancient wisdom, come in the deceptively simple form of twelve keystones. A wonderful read.”

~ Lynn Andrews, best selling author of Medicine Woman

“Gini Gentry has allowed her brilliance to shine forth in this captivating tale of the modern road to enlightenment with just the right combination of street savvy, mysticism and over-the-top imagery to make this book sizzle with insight and pop with ahas. By combining inspiring nonfiction with outrageously compelling fiction, Gini artfully presents core truths in an extremely approachable style. In this way, she brings her profound teachings into three dimensional reality. Gentry has created a brand new genre and welcome addition to the literary world of new thought.”

~ Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, best selling authors of Saved by the Light and Secrets of the Light

“Through Gentry’s unique voice, countless readers will discover modern day relevance to the idea of awakening and undertake the journey from fear to love.”

~ Larry Dossey, M.D., best selling author of The Power of Premonitions and Healing Words

"Gini Gentry really walks the walk. Her soul has yearned to know the TRUTH for so long and now she knows it.She explains her wisdom in her wonderful new book. Her impeccability, laughter, and love is amazing to be with. It is like listening to an angel. She cares so much for each of us and loves so big. It was an honor to have her on the show. I have given her book to two people this Christmas. Thank you Gini"

~ David Matthew Brown Host Inside Out

“I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to read DREAMING DOWN HEAVEN and discuss it with the author Gini Gentry on my radio program, "In The Spirit." The book takes you into Gini's life and struggles, discovering her spirit guide Maya who once warned her, "you cannot absorb this information with your intellect alone. This is also an opportunity for the reader to let go and enjoy Gini's journey by allowing to feel our presence. Maya also told Gini, to recognize how far she's drifted from the divine inheritance of her perfection. DREAMING DOWN HEAVEN is actually two books in one. The second part are the words of Maya that lift us out of our everyday concerns and help us live the life we are born to live. I loved the setup presented, that Gini believed she was going to be manager of a Playhouse. Also that as it unfolded, it took on Magical Dimensions that revealed the Spiritual Nature of life itself. Thank you Gini, for helping us see, we are all players in this Production."

~Gary Goldberg - Host of "In The Spirit" - WRPI 91.5 FM

"I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about using a fantasy novel to convey Toltec teachings, but boy was I wrong. A dreamscape is the perfect vehicle for getting you out of your head and into the real spirit of the teachings, and Gini Gentry does it with such gusto that you are swept along into the dream along with all your own stuff, that keeps popping up as you read along. The story is about Gigi, a gal who has hit the bottom of her emotional and financial reserves after a painful divorce from a rock star. She answers an ad for a manager of a small rural theater, and when she arrives she finds herself in the company of a whole class of “angels in training” who are put through a spiritual boot camp by the formidable Maya, mistress of illusion, ably assisted by God(frey).

As you romp through the human drama to acquire the twelve keystones of life wisdom, it is impossible not to reflect on them in the context of your own history and habits of thought. By embedding them in story, their meaning is brought home to you with more personal impact than just reading them in a spiritual text. The truth of ideas like, “you are the playwright of your own life,” or “your perceptions create your reality” seeps into your subconscious without effort. I believe this book can be a delightfully transformative experience for its readers. Warmly recommended.

~ Reviewed by Miriam Knight

Click to download Gini's Interview or read below:

Q: “So, Gini, tell us about Dreaming Down Heaven.”

A: Well, the most important thing to know is that this is really two books in one volume. The first is the fictional adventure of Gigi.

Lenox, a 30-something once very-together New Yorker who's life has come spectacularly undone. Relationship, job, money—everything is kaput. But instead of going for retail therapy as some of us have been known to do, Gigi finds herself in a musty old book shoppe, drawn to a little book, titled Dreaming Down Heaven, written by someone named Maya.

Gigi takes the book home on a whim and falls asleep reading it, and like Alice in Wonderland, is catapulted into an outrageous mysterious adventure. Gigi’s journey takes her to the Magical Theatre run by Maya, the magnificent Goddess of Illusion, who has created a dream-time remedial angel training program based on her 12 Keystones to bring us back to our authentic nature.

Gigi reluctantly embarks on the training and encounters adventures and tasks where she has to find her way out of the same challenges all of us face on our quest for happiness. Her adventures which include skydiving and a very hunky cowboy from NM are guided by the wisdom in Maya's Twelve Keystones.

And when Gigi wakes up from her dream, she finds the Twelve Keystones are right there to guide her through her daily life in that strange little book she’d discovered, Dreaming Down Heaven. The bonus is that Maya’s Twelve Keystones form the second book in this volume, and so we, the readers, receive their guidance as well.

Q: Why did you decide to create a book with this unusual format?

There is a lot of literature out there that offers guidance for those of us on a spiritual quest. My mentor, Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements, is one remarkable example. But few of those books speak directly to contemporary women, or offer teachings that can be thoughtfully incorporated into a modern woman’s often too-busy and demanding life. By creating the fictional character of Gigi, whose life embodies so many of the challenges and disappointments modern women face, I have given all of us a door to enter what has been an esoteric world. Using the conventions of chick-lit to frame this story I’ve made “enlightenment” more accessible. I think it’s Lynn Andrews, who wrote the Medicine Woman series, who said about Dreaming Down Heaven that it “puts the light back into enlightenment.”

Q: Will Gigi have more adventures? Will there be a sequel?

(Laugh.) We’ll see. But you know, the process of awakening never ends. It’s a glorious journey we all get to make in this lifetime, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Gigi again. After all, we have to find out what happens with that cowboy…

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